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Making the story short, My friends sister was in his jeep, went to turn the headlights on and pull the knob completely out of the switch which broke the switch. We went to Auto zone to buy one and it would turn the parking lights on, but then they would go off when the headlights where on, and wouldn't turn on the dash lights or the tailights on at all.....?

We tried two different switchs and both had the same outcome, What else can we look for?

some info:
97 TJ


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Though I had perfect results from my Autozone replacement headlight switch in my '97, it sounds like they got a bad batch of them. I'd try the dealer or a different source for the time being. My Autozone replacement switch was exactly the same as the factory switch down to having the same exact handwritten initials on the little paper dot verifying it had passed its QA test.
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