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Just bought a Jeep. 94 Wrangler. Freakin' love it. Daily driver here on da island. I live on Hilo side, so hard top will be one of the first changes. Oh, Hilo means lots and lots of rain LOL.

Here is my list of things to do, in order of my money to be spent:

Full doors- found them local, he wants 250, but I think I can go 200 ish.

Hard top- found for free in jungle abandoned. Mostly good- one side window perfect, the other side window ratty plexi glass mickey mouse fix. Rear window missing. Front leading edge of roof where it meets windshield, the metal is seperating from the roof- needs to be pulled, wire brush rust off, and re-fibreglassed. Get hardward for hard top and install. Then get rear and side glass fixed.

Paint jeep in primer sealer rattle cans Jungle Camo.

then get a couple tuffy boxes to secure personal belongings.

Install tow hitch to tow trailer but mostly to carry hitch carrier to take camping gear in. Here is where suggestions would be nice. I understand you can also mount to the tire mount a box or something?

Then lift and tires. I want to go with 31s, ideal hieght for the places I go. I understand 2.5 lift will be enough for this?

It is a four cyl 5 speed model- which is perfect- you rarely drive 55mph here and gas is expensive! I got nearly 40mpg today going over Saddle road from Hilo to Kona and was very, very pleased!


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