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Help! 95 YJ 2.5 Cranks and Cranks And Cranks no fire..

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But then outof the blue BOOM it fires right up and runs like a top! Im so baffled. It will start for a week and runs smooth as can be. Then all if the sudden after it sits for a few hours it will go into one of these spells again. It will just crank and crank for a good while. Like for 45 minutes I can crank it with no fire. Then as I said out of the blue it starts up and runs like new. No hesitatation, no misses, no sputtering! I have changed the shut down relay and I thought it cured it but it started acting up again this morning. I don't think its a map sensor because it runs so smooth when it fires up. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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good one, this might be tough. I'd start with the basics, full tune up. check fuel rail pressure, vacuum. battery conections and cables. after that I start with sensors. crank then cam. when it does spark I'd see what kind of spark(strong white/blue or weak yellow.
Check all of you grounds too. Also check the wires going to your coil
try turning the ingition off and on 3 or 4 times, or next time it, wont fire, leave the key in run pos for 15 min , then try to start
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