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Would anyone have an emissions diagram for my 1998 Jeep wrangler with California emissions?? I've just installed a new Golen stroker 4.6L and I've only put around 75 miles on the new engine. We installed all new parts with this engine but the motor is coming up with the same issues I had with the old engine.
I believe the ECM is having a hard time pushing and pulling the motor from lean to rich. I’m getting from 12-PSI to 15/16-PSI vacuum. When the engine is running rich I’m at or around 12-PSI, but when I reset the codes and start over that’s when the vacuum will pull at 15 or 16 PSI.
I’m troubleshooting this California emission step by step and I think I’m missing something. Could it be the ECM????
(Issues I’m seeing)- My engine when starting up (Cold) and it runs the choke for a few minutes; this is when I see the biggest issues. Problems are- vehicle is fighting for air/fuel mixture and has a large loss in power. Will not hold the idle and drops as low as 200 RPM but it will keep running. If the engine is (Hot) I will see the same problem as (cold) but within a shorter time frame.
Note: The check engine light will not come on unless you’ve turned the vehicle on and off four or five times plus.
Note: The vehicle will run great after it gets passed this issue or until you turn the engine off and start it back up again, but at this point I believe the engine is running rich.
Please show me the way…
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