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Hey, Everyone!

I need to start with a disclaimer. I only know enough to get in to trouble real good! With that being said, I am brand new to the Jeep world. I just purchased my first Jeep and I love it! However, I need to get a few things lined out so I can continue to love it.

I purchased my new girl on Monday from a Ford dealer in Atlanta and drove her back home to Northeast TN. When I signed the dotted line, the first thing I did was let some air out of the tires. They had 40lbs of air in those bad boys. Anyway, let me give you the specs, or at least what I know. And, hopefully you all can help me figure out the rest.

Here goes:

2015 Wrangler Sport
33k Miles
325/70R17 Nitto Terra Grapplers
Dick Cepek Wheels
Dual Bilstein Steering Dampner
3.6 V6
Hard Top (I think it may be a Freedom Top because there are two front pieces that come off.)

** Here is where things get dicey! **

3.5 inch Lift (Not sure what kind. Only has spacers above the springs as far as I can tell.)
Gear Ratio (doesn't seem stock because it is not very sluggish with the big tires)
Shocks (I have a lot of dip when I brake hard and accelerate hard.)

At some point, it has had a programmer... I know it is speculation. But there is a Superchips sticker in the door jam. But, the Speedometer is still off about five mph at 60mph.

Anything that I'm missing?

Here's what I need to know and some of the issues I am having:

It is a little scary on the interstate, especially with rough road. Feels like I am losing contact with the road. Same thing on off-road washboards. It throws me when I go over a ridge in the pavement or if the pavement is uneven. I let the air pressure down to around 32lbs and I still feel as if the tires are over-inflated. What PSI would you guys run those tires?

Do I need to know who much backspacing I have as long as I am clearing everything?

With the lift kit, that is supposedly only spacers above the springs, do I need new longer shocks. Or, how can I tell if the shocks that are on it are still stock? Are there other components to the lift that I am not seeing. How can I tell? Are the springs still stock? Or, are the spacers all there is to the lift?

Is there a way to tell if someone changed the Ring and Pinion Gears? It seems to have plenty of power.

Those are the questions/issues I am having. What do you all think?

New Jeeper,


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Scott, get us some pictures.

Front axle, front springs, sway bar links, track bar, front shocks, rear axle, rear track bar mounts, sway bar links, shocks.

We can help you identify what you have and then get you headed in the right direction.
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