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HElP, My 13'JK steering wheel is off after i hit a curb

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Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum but i know with all the experienced jeepers in this forum, i would definiely get an answer.

So I was driving my 2013 rubicon and started to accelerate, for a moment i lost my concentration to the road and at approx speed of around ~20 mph, I hit a curb prior to a roundabout.

the driver's side front tire got hit pretty hard and i kind of flew a bit but i steered back to the road and i was able to complete the roundabout smoothly and then i saw that the tire had small torn in it.

I changed to spare but now the problem is the steering wheel is off center!! and its centered when the top of the steering wheel is put approximatly at 2 O'clock clockwise from the normal 12 O'clock position.

There is no apparent damage in anything and the only damage i saw was the shock absorbent rubber had a very small piece coming out. the car drives good and there is no shaking what so ever. I have already tried electronically do wheel and rod balancing in a tire shop but that didnt work out. So can anyone please tell me what possibly is bent? and how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance for all the help provided.
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Welcome! I believe the drag link is used to center the wheel, the bolts may have been jarred loose. Someone more technical than I can provide the details and how to.
Draglink is two 15mm bolts loosen and turn until your steering wheel is centered.

As Ken said if you don't know how to check your alignment then get someone to do it for you.
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