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I. Am. Done. with the stock unit for my 2012 JKUR 4DR.

Hard to believe Chrysler actually thinks that is a decent unit.

Anyway, I have a budget of $1500 for parts and trying to decide what to get, so any help for those that really know about the topic can bring to the conversation. And I know just a tiny bit about the topic, but I know I do not want to add a JKU to a mobile disco sound system. I want a JKU that sounds cool even when naked.

Head unit:
  • No DVD or CD needed
  • Car play would help so I do not need GPS, simply use Waze from my phone for navigation
  • Need to be able to have a rear camera because backing up with a Jeep is always gonna be a visibility challenge

  • Thinking 5 channel so I can amp the sub as well
  • 75x4 and 300x1 is the first thought, but not sure that is decent
  • What about water resistant/proof?

  • I am assuming 75 watts is more than just good, especially when riding naked
  • No clue about options for the tweeters
  • Do I need to rewired the ones on the sound bar?

  • Is 300 watts good?
  • Do I really need to go to 500?

Does sound deadening makes a difference when riding with a soft top? and no doors?

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Here's a response to a similar question a few months ago describing what I've done

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