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Hello All,
I run a 4X4 repair shop in Nairobi and have recently acquired an abandoned resto project. The vehicle is a 1994 renegade wrangler 1J4FY69S0RP428353 model YJ229629 powered by the 4.0 I6 muliport chrysler-injection petrol lump. The entire engine bay loom was butchered by a criminally-insane auto-electrician back in the late '90s when the project was abandoned. The fellow also managed to 'misplace' the engine ECM, air cleaner housing and associated hoses, the MAF sensor, the ignitor module and coil and god knows what else.

My problem is that this vehicle is practically one of a kind out here. The Wrangler was never sold in this part of the world, so there is absolutely no availability of reference material or spare-parts. Although a Jeep dealership exists in Nairobi, I am pretty sure they are still laughing 18 months on.

Aside from damaged parts and assemblies which are obviously missing, I can't tell what minor parts were removed from the ignition and efi system as I have no frame of reference.. Is there an electronic parts catalogue or even shop-manuals available for this model anywhere online? Even if I knew what parts I needed, all the jeep dealers I contacted via email refered me back to the Jeep dealership out here... Lastly, some of the parts I would need are probably not even in stock anymore or would make the project prohibitively expensive (like the whole engine bay loom for instance). Are there any breakers out there who could assist?

Thanks in advance.
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