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HELP PLEASE - ignition '95 wrangler

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HELP! - we are having an issue with my '95 jeep wrangler (YJ) if you can advise please do. I pulled in, turned it off, key would not release, in trying to make it release it felt like the lever (the one below the key - key release lever) broke or slipped, in his attempt to remove the key he restarted the jeep and then it would not shut-off so he disconnected the battery. I do not want to have to hot-wire my vehicle but we think the lever needs to be changed in addition to the ignition. Getting to the lever is proving to be more than he was expecting. Is he missing some stupid little thing (not the best vision), like a retaining ring, a little button or something? Might it be simpler to just replace the steering column or do those come in pieces to need assembly also?
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