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Help please

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I put 285 tires on stock jeep (2016 unlimited sport) and now it makes noises like it creaks everytime I go over an indentation on the street or any light bump. And at times you can hear something loose or rattling just as your driving normally. Can anyone tell me what is going on and what needs to be replaced? Please, no rude comments. Thank you.
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hard to say it could be anything. bolts need to be properly torqued, are you on stock rims with no spacers? if so could be rubbing. look for witness marks on tires and inside wheel wells, front bumper air dam etc. Too many possibilities without more information. photos help yada yada.
What sort of rattling noises.. does it sounds metallic ?

Was any other work done, ie shocks, brakes etc ?

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Is the spare tire moving around?
Are you on factory wheels, any spacers or aftermarket wheels?
Did the noises start right after the new tires or did you get a few miles on them first?
I put 285/75s on a JK Rubicon, and that had a 2" spacer lift. I even bought new wheels with 4.75" backspacing...and I still rubbed the air dam. I had to trim the air dam down some. You didn't say what height tire you had, but I've got to believe that you have some kind of rubbing somewhere unless you lifted it slightly and put some spacers on it.
What is you tire pressure set at. A lot of places put way to much air in the tires.
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