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Hey y'all,
I am not set on selling my jeep, but I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of a fair price I could sell it at if I chose to. I'm a college student and I'm going to have to do a decent bit of traveling this upcoming semester as I test for different jobs up and down the east coast, so I am concerned about my ole jeeps ability to handle all of the driving.
My jeep:
1997 black Sahara 4.0L Automatic
228,000 miles
4in. Suspension lift
4 new 33" Hercules trail digger M/T
4 new rough country shocks
New bestop trektop NX
New steering box
New steering stabelizer
New brakes
New trac bar
Banks power exhaust
Frame is that free and spray lined
Plus some other work and new parts

Any idea as to what a jeep like this could go for? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks y'all!

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There are at least two websites that will give you a rough estimate of what your Jeep is worth, Kelly Blue Book ( and NADA is the one the dealers use to value a trade in. They will give you no value for the lift, and very little for the oversize tires over stock size.

New shocks are just replacing the older shocks so would have no additional value. Same thing for the top, steering box, stabilizer, trac bar and exhaust. They are considered maintenance items. You made a mistake spray lining the frame, for now the potential buyer cannot see the condition of the metal.

That being said, pointing out to the potential buyer the condition of the items may have a price benefit. You did not mention the transmission fluid or differential fluid, how many miles on them since their fluids were changed. If you were in Arizona you would get more than you would

Taking a quick look at, the trade in value (lowest) would be between $1,800 and $3,800 depending on the dealer and how bad he wanted the trade. Selling to a private party would be around $4,000. You might get more from the private party because of the lift and tire and maintenance condition.

The biggest hit is the mileage. Your best market is for a dad looking for a vehicle for his kid who just got their license. I was not that lucky, I got my first car when I was a Senior in college and had just gone back for my next to last semester. If you decide to sell it, start at $5500 to $6000 for you can always come down.

And, spend the $40 or so, then either copy the report several times or save it as a .pdf on your computer and then print them as needed. Giving a prospective buyer a copy of the carfax may make the difference in a sale or no sale. Handing them a CarFax shows you have the confidence in the condition of the Jeep, not having one may cause them to question the condition. If you kept the receipts for all the work you did, assemble then in a folder and show copies to the prospective buyer. He then knows that he has some records as to when various maintenance items were done.
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