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My radio I've had for years is finally showing me some problems. I installed it myself and have transferred it from my old car into my TJ.

What happened:

I was offroading and on my way out of the trail my radio just turned off out of no where. I later found out I blew fuse #14 for the radio. I replaced the fuse and everything was fine until I hit a speed bump and the radio blew a fuse again.

What I've done so far:

So I've taken the radio out and replaced the wiring harness. I used to have LED lights crimped onto the purple? wires for the back right speaker, so I thought that having that big wad of wire may have undone the crimp and touched bare metal and short circuited. So I took out the LED lights and re-did the wiring harness back to normal and I'm still blowing fuse #14 for the radio when I go over bumps...

A) I've unhooked the subwoofer and tested to see if the sub was the issue, which it isn't. I still blow the fuse when hitting a bump.

B) The harness is crimped correctly and doesn't come into contact with bare metal.

C) The radio is an alpine cda-105, I have stock speakers in the dash, 3-way kickers in the rollcage, and a 10" active sub under my seat.

D) Do you think it could be the radio itself? I mean, the fuse in the back of the radio isn't blown because the radio wouldn't even turn on if it was blown.

E) I've researched and people say it could be a bad ground/hot wire malfunction. The only ground/hot wires I know of are on my battery, in the wiring harness for the radio, and the ground/hot wire for my sub.

Please help! All this troubleshooting is driving me insane :banghead:
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