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I am starting a survey on which one of these motors would be my best option when it comes to value. I work in EMS so my pay isnt the greatest, I also have two teenagers with a daughter preparing for college in a year but I need a new motor for the Jeep. I wouldnt be too concerned with fixing it right now but there are too many people that rely on me plowing their driveways and parking lots in the winter and I dont want to lose that business come next winter.

So anyways, here are two options I recenetly found:

1)4.6L 6-cyl. engine (4.0L long block bored & stroked) for TJ Wrangler
270 HP/300 Ft. Lbs torque
9.5:1 compression
3.895" stroker crank
Forged pistons (bored 0.030" over)
Eagle SIR free-floating high performance rods (6.125")
Crane #753905 competition camshaft, 260 deg. I/272 deg. E duration, .456"/.485" lift
Big valve cylinder head (2.02" intake/1.60" exhaust)
2001 intake manifold
Cloyes double-row timing chain
Needs camshaft installed

This motor is approximately 500 miles from my house, truck gets 12 MPG highway, so 1000 miles round trip, 84 Gallons, $300 in gas, $1250 total.

2)For sale here is a spare engine that I had for a buggy. This is a 4.5 stroker engine that was used once since built as a spare for a race in an off road buggy. I received this engine when I purchased the buggy, but have since sold the buggy and have no need for the spare. I do not know the milage on the engine before the stroker kit was installed but do have some specs from the previous owner;
- Comp Cam - 68-231-4
- Comp Cams - Lifters
- Comp Cams - Timing set
- Comp Cams - valve springs
- 97 Block
- 84 (4) counterweight crank
- (707) Rods (best short rod pick)
- 97 (630) Head
- Stock pistons

This motor is about 530 miles from my house, so same mileage, same in gas, so total $800.

I have two 4.0Ls at home but thinking between machining and parts I would have about $1500-$1800 doing all the teardown and assembly work myself to make a decent stroker, I am planning on keeping my YJ many more years so I dont just want to go stock but cant afford an extreme motor build. It is a daily driver, it plows snow for me in the winter, and I run it through the woods/mud/etc in the summer. It is a moderate lift, 33s, 456 gears, Quadratech winch, installing trail gear tube fenders/rock sliders and rear body armor while we are doing the motor install, so it is very capable off road.

Let the voting begin!

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The first one sounds best, as for the bad Cam, for some reason a lot of folks have had cam problems with strokers. when really the cam has nothing to do with weather it's a stroker or stock. When rebuilding an engine you should use cam break-in lube and find good break-in oil with what ever it is they now leave out, {zink IDK}.

I'm just amazed at how cheap you can get these engines. I'v got $4k in mine an still not done.
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