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Help with 17x9 Black Rocks???

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Ok so I first posted this in the tire and wheel section and have had no luck so figured I would try here. I searched my best on here and just cant seem to figure out if these will fit my stock TJ.

I have a set of Steel Black Rock wheels that were given to me as payment. I would like to throw them on my 2001 TJ Sahara. Im curious what size tire would fit it without any lift. I have 2 inch coil spring spacers I could install to get some additional clearance. I do have a 4 inch suspension lift but that has to wait until I get cash saved up to get rid of my D35.

Stock wheel specs : (from what I gathered from a thread here)
Backspacing 5.5"
Offset +25mm

Black Rock specs:
Backspacing 5"
Offset 0

any help you guys could offer would be great! Im actually due for some tires and wouldn't mind throwing these wheels on, if i can. If not then not a huge deal they will just wait until I properly lift and regear my jeep. The whole wheel and tire thing really starts to overwhelm me once I start digging! :pullinghair::pullinghair::pullinghair:
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I figured as much. buddy of mine had them sitting around new in a box and gave them to me since I am in the process of gathering some parts to eventually lift the thing.

im assuming I could probably get away with 31x10.5 tires on my stock wheels? or maybe taller if I quick throw on the coil spring spacers.
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