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Ok, I am days away from my meetup for my stubby bumper mod on my 07 jk and I can not find the write-up I want. this is a 2 part question. First, I want to cut my bumper all the way down as in this thread

My question is, I have seen this exact mod done with a cap. What they did is they left part of the bumper on, folded it over and then used a torch to melt it together on the inside and something else for the outside....My issue is I cant find a write up on it just that explanation of how it was done. Has anyone cut their bumper back to the buldge but left a bit on to fold over for the cap? if so did you find a write up for it or does anyone know of one? I have tried to find one but have been unsuccessful.

2nd, Regardless of having a folded cap or not, I want a stinger on this do I do? I have seen a thread where a stinger was mounted to the steel, which I know is essentially what I have to do....but I want to know if there is a way to get a stinger on the factory stubby mod?

any help or advice would be great. I am using the mopar front tow hooks if that matters.
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