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I have a new to me 1999 tj with pro comp alloy 15x10 wheels. They are wearing dick cepek crusher tires 33x12.5.

I do not like the tires at all. It feels like I am riding around on tonka truck wheels. Anything under 10 miles an hour, and it is really notchy, then above that, it vibrates like crazy.

So I would like to change out to a 33x10.5 tire. I am open to new rims if I do that. My question is, what rim size would work best and give me the most options later, 15, 16 or 17? I was worried I would not have enough sidewall with the17 since I only have a 4 cylinder and can't run 35s .

Also, any suggestions on tires? There are not many options in 33x10.5. I think I need a mud tire or aggressive hybrid tire. Most of the miles will be on gravel or pavement, but the whole purpose of the vehicle is to get off road hunting, fishing, a few mild trails like Trey Mountain as an example in north Georgia and southern Tennessee. Lots of slick mud, but I am not out looking for holes. The pavement will be getting from the house to the trails, not daily commuting.

I would guess I will put no more than 5000 miles on it a year.

If I missed anything, let me know. I sure appreciate the help. Jeeps are completely new to me.
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