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Anyone put black herculiner on their vinyl fender flares? Did it stay on?
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It all depends on how well you prep the surface. If you miss any little bit of dirt or grease or anything on the fender when you apply it, it will peal off in that spot later.
I plan on puting inside my TJ in the place of all the carpet. My friend did put it on the outside of his toyota, but I think he was trying to cover up some rust and a bad bondo job. Try it on the fender flares and let us know how it works.
hmmm, i bet the fender flares will be tricky. make sure they are super clean and i'd scuff them up really good
I did Durabak on my interior. Just make sure you clean it real well, and for those flares I would scuff them to give the herc something to hold on to.
yea, i mean really scuff em, deep scratches
I dont have experience with plastic, but I put it over the chrome bumpers on my old K5 blazer. I finished the inside and still had a good amount left so I was just looking for places to use it. The bumpers had no prep and it was holding on decent. You could peel it off if you really tried though. In closing, just scuff everything up really good and you'll be fine.
damn I wanted to try this out first, hey post some pics when you're done, I want to see what it looks like. I want to do my flairs and bumpers and the inside of the rear door.
How do yall think I should "scuff everything up" when I do the inside of my TJ? Should I use a grinder with a wire wheel or just some sand paper? I really don't want it to look bad after I do it or have to redo the whole thing because I didn't do it right.
GrizzlyGrip says to just use scotch brite pads on theirs. You need to go over it with acetone after you rough it up. GrizzlyGrip is a little more expensive, but it comes in a bunch of colors and it has rubber "dust" that you add to it to make it more of a non-slip surface. It also has a UV additive that will help keep it from fading.
the inside is metal so it will bond better than it will to the vinyl flares. but even on the inside you cant do too much prep. wire wheel would be plenty (maybe more than enough). like DBS mentioned, go over it with acetone after scuff the surface (make sure the acetone is gone b4 you spray, roll, or whatever) this will clean all foriegn debris
we just herculinered the interior of my buddy's S-10. it turned out great. we used a wire wheel brush attached to a drill to do all the sanding. i don't think a scotch pad or sand paper is going to get the job done. i suppose it could, but it will take a lot longer and will be a lot harder to do. and you want to use xylene to wip down the interior before applying.

as long as the surface is properly prepped, herculiner will adhere to plastic, rubber, metal, fiberglass, wood, concrete, etc.
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I used the scotch brite pad when I did the K5 interior and it worked just fine. All you're looking to do is take any shine off it basically. I cleaned mine 2 or 3 times though, I felt thats more important than the scuffing.
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