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hey, i'm new here

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i'm going to be a wrangler owner in the next few days and was wondering if you guys could give me some advice?
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cliche comment for the newbie is...

wave at all other jeeps its the jeep wave

lets see what kind of advise, wheeling or everyday

i guess my advise is to be more specific in your posts

for wheeling i would say you need to join a club, for everyday driving i would say leave your doors unlocked if you dont have a hardtop and full doors, becasue people will just cut the top or doors to get in if they want to

i was actually thinking more detailed advice, such as whether or not this is a good jeep for the money.

125,000 miles
Manual transmission
BIEGE interior
YES stereo
2 door
Four Wheel Drive

for $4800
thanks guys.
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try to do some bargaining...... but $4,800 sounds alright to me

well i already used my elite bargaining skills to get him to come down from 5500, but i'm trying. :)
dont do what I did n settle for one with a d35 in the back :(

that is if you wanna wheel it

what's a d35 (i know little to nothing about jeeps):confused:
It's the lighter-duty rear end. If this is going to be a daily driven, play-a-little on the weekend vehicle, you will be just fine. The D-35 gets into trouble when you start getting hard core with huge tires (35+ inches.) For most of us folks, it's good enough (heck, it's made it at least 10 yrs hasn't it?) BTW Welcome to WF!

thanks :)
it's definitely gonna be a daily driver, i'm getting rid of my pick up. Definitely some slight off roading on the weekends though :cool:
There are a couple of regular off roaders here with D-35's that are still healthy. When I say Hard Core, it's not just playing around, ya generally have to go WAY outta your way, and spend a lot of money to get into that kind of trouble
yeah, i would say that the price i s a tad high, up here in nh i can get a TJ with 100,000 miles on it for around 5500, but then again it is rusty, lke any other car up here, but idk wha tthe market is like down in florida, the price just seems a tad high

and the d35 will be fine if you dont go bigger than 33's and dont doa rear locker, and u can always upgrade to the ford8.8 for around 1k
4800 might be a tad high, but it looks like a nice Jeep and is already set up for a little off road action. If the price is in your budget git-r-done. There is $600 worth of brand new BFG rubber there.
about how much mpg would you estimate that thing gets?
It depends on a couple of factors, for one, how hard you are on the skinny pedal, and another is what rear end set up you have, I would estimate maybe somewhere around 13-16 actual mpg.
So did you purchase the jeep from the pictures the other day or what?
Prices in Florida are higher. They are basically a year around open air vehicle down here. Also the rust factor needs to be taken into consideration. I would check out Xtreme Jeep Sales to really see a wide selection in Tampa Fla. if you are in that area.:wavey:
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