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Hiding wires

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For all those that pull their carpet up, I'm wanting to pull my carpeting up because I'm just getting tired of the smell and I would rather just have the metal. But I have sub wires and interior LED lighting wires running under my carpet. The wires are the perfect length to run exactly where they are (I can't run it out to the side under that lip what most people run wires under) so does anyone have help/ideas/pictures of how they ran wires across the floor without carpet?
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i would but the wires are too complicated. It's multicolor LED lights and that's too much work and too many wires
seems like you are stuck between a rock and a hard spot.
It doesn't seem like that much work to move some wiring. not to mention it is done right, and you wont end up accidentally cutting a wire.

Other then that, use some tape that sticks well and match the bedliner.
The only issue with that I see is...

You lay down your bedliner over your wires, and something goes wrong... You just got yourself into another crappy situation.

Best option is, drink some beer, splice the wires, and enjoy it!

im looking into the same thing, because the carpet just doesn't cut it.
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