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High speed vibration

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I found for the first time on a trip to Dayton OH that my yj has a vibration in the rearend at speeds over 65 or 70. I have new tires and i rotated them after finding the vibs but they are still finding me at the same speed in the rear of the yj leaving me to beleive its not a tire or tire balance problem. You guys think it may be a axle bent? Smooth sailing untilll i hit 65 or so, i figure if its an axle the seal would be leaking but they are all fine. I am sure its in the back of her, i dont have a lift or anything yet. lookin to make sure what is goin on before i lift it. It feels like a tire out of balance but like i said i moved the back tires to the front and have the same vibs.
Thanks for any help
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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