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Bought wife new wrangler sport with an auto and hard top.. She is in heaven. One question, how do you us the hill assist. Do you have to be in 4wd?

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It works in all modes, including 2wd, automatically.

Park on an uphill grade, put foot on brake, put tranny in drive, remove foot from brake, and HSA will keep the brakes applied for a few seconds to prevent you from rolling back downhill.

Also works on downhill grades.

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Its very simple - you read the manual...

Hill Descent Control (HDC) – If Equipped
HDC is only intended for low speed off-road driving.
HDC maintains vehicle speed while descending hills in
off-road driving conditions by applying the brakes when
The symbol indicates the status of the Hill
Descent Control (HDC) feature. The lamp will
be on solid when HDC is armed. HDC can only
be armed when the transfer case is in the “4WD
LOW” position and the vehicle speed is less then 30 mph
(48 km/h). If these conditions are not met while attempting
to use the HDC feature, the HDC indicator light will
flash on/off.
When enabled, HDC senses the terrain and activates
when the vehicle is descending a hill. HDC speed may be
adjusted by the driver to suit the driving conditions. The
speed corresponds to the transmission gear selected.
Gear Approximate HDC Set
1st 1 mph (1.5 km/h)
2nd 2.5 mph (4 km/h)
DRIVE 7.5 mph (12 km/h)
REVERSE 1 mph (1.5 km/h)
However, the driver can override HDC operation by
applying the brake to slow the vehicle down below the
HDC control speed. If more speed is desired during HDC
control, the accelerator pedal will increase vehicle speed
in the usual manner. When either the brake or the
accelerator is released, HDC will control the vehicle at the
original set speed.
Enabling HDC
1. Shift the transfer case into 4WD LOW range. Refer to
“Four-Wheel Drive Operation” in “Starting and Operating”
for further information.
2. Press the “Hill Descent” button. The “Hill Descent
Control Indicator Light” in the instrument cluster will
turn on solid.
If the transfer case is not in 4WD LOW range,
the “Hill Descent Control Indicator Light” will flash for
five seconds and HDC will not be enabled.

Disabling HDC
1. Press the “Hill Descent” button or shift the transfer
case out of 4WD LOW range. The “Hill Descent Control
Indicator” light in the instrument cluster will turn off.
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