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"Hill Holder" button on console

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I can't find anything in the manual about this button. What does it do? Thx
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If you have an auto there's a Hill Descent button.

Hill Descent Control (HDC) – If Equipped

HDC is only intended for low speed off-road driving. HDC maintains vehicle speed while descending hills in off-road driving conditions by applying the brakes when necessary.

The symbol indicates the status of the Hill Descent Control (HDC) feature. The lamp will be on solid when HDC is armed. HDC can only be armed when the transfer case is in the “4WD LOW” position and the vehicle speed is less then 30 mph (48 km/h). If these conditions are not met while attempting to use the HDC feature, the HDC indicator light will flash on/off.

When enabled, HDC senses the terrain and activates when the vehicle is descending a hill. HDC speed may be adjusted by the driver to suit the driving conditions. The speed corresponds to the transmission gear selected.

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In 4lo first gear locks you to 1mph (override with brake or gas if needed). I used it once on a big downhill and it was impressive - all I had to do is steer. Unlike rolling in neutral, you have ability to hit the skinny pedal if needed. True you can just ride brake, but the computer is far more efficient at speed control than a human is. If I recall, drive gear locks it to 7mph, second gear maybe 3 mph?
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