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sorry no pics, photobucket is not working for me lately....

finally, here in the sunny PNW we got up to our First 90* days just around Labor Day. A project I had fussed over and read others doing home mods on their Freedom Tops.

I chose my methods & materials: I got a closed-cell foam sleeping pad of about 1/2-5/8" thickness and some velcro. At first used the industrial 2" wide stuff but I didn't find satisfactory adhesive.

Didn't want to spray wildly and hope it would work, so I used some tube-adhesive that also failed.

Had a couple other Secret Ninja spray adhesives for back up, but found some simple craft shop rolled velcro about 1/2" wide with sticky backing. There's a trick to placing this on roof AND meeting the pad. If you can't figure it out, humiliate yourself and ask for the secret method.

Cut 2" strips, cleaned the surface with alcohol and attached (secret method pending). Drove around for a week with one side over driver installed.

Digital thermometer read out was over 8* Celcius difference during heat of day. Was stuck at road repair site. While waiting in HOT sun, took additional measurements, nearly 10* average improvement from non-insulated side.

Finished job yesterday, had to add a few extra velcro in strategic places.

So far, working great!

Cost: sleeping pad: buddy gave it to me; he buys them for his crafts projects @ average of under $5 each.
This one was a dandy green tone that adds to my Khaki/Natural Pearl Green!!

5' Roll of velcro: $7.99

Dandy industrial strength Home Depot shears (Chinese) $4.98

So far, another hot day, the panels stayed in place. They are designed to be removable if I choose.

I laid out some light card board to make a pattern, with the top on a large towel on a picnic table. A bit of duct tape, a black felt marker, a little music, and an enjoyable pace in the afternoon sun.

Time to construct: maybe 30 minutes for pattern (never done one before). Used an overlarge Buck folder to cut the foam on a slight edge bevel to fit snug into top panel.

Mistakenly cut the passenger side from the wrong side, so the green finish was a bit different from the other side, but it's ok anyway.

Had to trim in a couple places to make easier fit.
Also trimmed a bit on driver side for L-handles to swing.

Working with foam is way easier with a little practice.

Total cost of materials/tools: under $20
Time planning actively: a couple days
Time putting off after getting materials: a couple weeks

Satisfaction level: so far 100%
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