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Well, I finished my OBA and it is working awesomely so far. It's only used for airing tires at the moment and one day might run air lockers.

I just shot this video today and will warn you, i am no actor, or director for that matter, lol.

Some points I forget on the video are my jeep didn't have factory air, so I added the compressor and didn't have any of the condensers or canisters in the way. Other things I need to change or add are 1) better hoses, at the moment they are cut from cheap Harbor freight "remnants" that they sell with push on hose barbs and hose clamps. Now that I know my lengths I need to use some high dollar Goodyear Hoses custom made with crimped fittings, but hey, these work. I also might add a oilers to the intake. I know others have sworn to you have to use them, but I've talked to others that say that they've run this system with out oilers for years and no problems. I may just compromise and keep a small bottle of air tool oil in my air kit and pull the intake filter off and give it a few drops like an air tool when ever I run it for the first time for the day.

Also I didn't use stock a/c lines, I could have taken the a/c lines where they goto rubber hoses and connect in there, but the lines were outrageously expensive, even used. So i made "manifolds" for the intake and discharge. Simply 1/4" aluminum drilled and tapped for 1/4 NPT fittings and a hole for the bolt. A bit of RTV high temp black and they are a lot more compact then stock a/c lines.

The tank is mounted on the fender with a 8" hose clamp going down to a simple bracket I made and bolted to the fender, and a small tab I had welded to the grill support bar. The tank itself is from a small stacked tank air compressor set up, I cut one of the tanks off (2.5 gal) and it had 3 of the four fittings on it, the fourth fitting was the tube connecting it to the other tank, I removed the tube and braised a 3/4" NPT to 1/4 NPT cast iron reducer in the hole on the tank. OH yea, and when I say "I" mean I had a friend of a friend, or a neighbors uncles nephew once removed do it, I am not set up for welding or braising so I just waited until someone became available to help me with those parts of the build. the Plumbing and electrical are all me though, and with some advice from some great members on here.

Like i said, i am definitely not a video guy by nature, I apologize, and when the engine is running it is a bit hard to hear...but it is what it is.

OBA Jeep TJ - YouTube
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