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I wanted to share the horrible experience my family and I had at this dealership Sunday afternoon. I want to explain the entire story and encourage all of you to share this story so no one else will have to experience the nonsense we did.

So, we call Saturday morning and speak to a lady I won't mention on here. We explain what we are looking for and ask about a few of the jeeps on their website. She said they had about 10 or so jeeps in the 15K price range we were looking at and to stop by Sunday afternoon. She made an appointment for us and everything. So we drive up to the dealership Sunday afternoon, 2 hours drive one way. We walk in the door and when we start asking about looking at the jeeps we were told were on the lot, we got a blank stare. We drove two vehicles up (one of them was my son's trade in, as this was meant to be his first jeep and his very first vehicle in his name.) Wasted time, money, fuel, and a very special holiday with a very special lady.

They made no attempt to locate any other applicable jeeps in our price range at other locations, weren't assertive in even trying to up sale a jeep to my son. They are suppose to send a check for my fuel expenses, but i've not heard anything from them.
The customer is clearly not the focus at this facility and I hope you all will consider alternate locations for your jeep needs. Really sad.
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