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Hey Guys I ran accross this on one of the Jeep Forums I visit all the time.

I just wanted to share this with you if any of you want to make this trip.


LSJC (Lone Star Jeep Club) is going to have a club run to Padre Island to play in the dunes.

Chris Bruton (Chris) and David Norman (Bulldog Jeeper) will be heading this run up.

There are about 60 miles of beach that are only accessible by 4wd vehicles. it's like $10 for a week to run this, and you can camp all up and down the beach. it's about 50 miles to the wreck of the nicaragua. so probably a 120 mile round trip all off road. nothing hardcore, just an enjoyable time on the beach with very little in the way of civilization.

Then for about $50 to $85, you can get on a charter boat and run as far as 60 miles off shore for some fishing (where the water turns crystal clear blue). sharks are often on the menu. you can get a hotel package for less than $300 that includes a fishing trip and two nights worth. it'd be about a 3-4 day trip. aside from gas, it's a pretty cheap trip.

Click Here for some info on the beach.

Here is a link to the Sticky on their forum if you might want to make this trip. It sure looks like fun!
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