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How can I tell if I have a body lift?

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I have about 29 inches from here to the concrete. Do I have a body lift?
Tire size 285/70-17 so close to stock

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2011 70th Anniversary Edition.
That measurement really doesn't help with a 12 year old Jeep; we don't know condition of coil springs, vehicle weight/configuration, or tire size and pressure. You are practically pointing to the front body bushing. Look at the front body bushing; from the factory the rubber portion should be about 1" thick. If there is an aluminum or plastic puck or the bushing is 2"+ thick than you have a body lift of some sort. Here is a picture of a factory front bushing from a 2009 JK.

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If you had a body lift, your front grille would sit higher than it does right now relative to the bumper and the plastic trim piece between the bumper & grille.
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Excellent information. That's what I was looking for.
With a body lift, you will have noticeable gaps at the front and rear bumpers. I don't see the gap I would expect at your front bumper, so no, I would say you do not have a body lift.
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