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how hard can it be? (radio)

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im trying to find instructions to take the head unit outta my 98, i've searched this forum, yahoo, etc... and nothing... now i KNOW ive seen instructions before... can someone point me in the right direction?:mad:
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It's easy. All you have to do is to take off the dash cowel and there's 3 bolts.

First: remove the defroster vent cover closest to the windshield. You should just be able to pop it off with your fingers (no bolts in it).

Second: You will now see two bolts that are pretty much right behind your dash tray on top. Remove those and also remove the ashtray and there is a third bolt behind it. Now your cowel (at least that's what I would call it) is ready to come off. It's just held on by a few clips so pulling on it will pop it right off. The bolts can be removed with a phillips head screwdriver.

Third: Your head unit is held on by two bolts. One on the upper right hand side and the other on the bottom of the unit on the left hand side. Remove those bolts (I think they are 9 mm). Head unit will then slide out. All you have now is the connections. Two 12 pin plugs, the ground, and the antenna connection. All pop right off with the exception of the ground which is bolted on. After that your done.

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it took me about 20 min or so to do it.. the damn antenna wire is tight back there, i pulled it and popped it off the other connector (behind the glove box.. after i got that put back on, it was good to go :)
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