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how low can i go?

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whats the lowest ratio the dana 30 can take? i might have found a helluva deal on a 8.8 tonight. if i get it and its not geared 4.10s, i'll prob gear the hell out of it in anticipation ofs omeday having 35s. ill live with the revving the hell outof it in my limited highway driving in the meantime. can i go 5.38?
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darn it. nevermind. isee the lowest is 4.88 for the reverse cut 30. that kinda sux. i was hoping for something deeper.
Put 4:1 in the t-case along with 4.88 and you will be fine on 35's. I got a surprise when I swapped motors. My new 4.3 idles at 600-650 RPM while the old 2.5L 4 idled at 800. Thats another cut in how slow you can crawl along.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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