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How much tread wear on a MT before replacing

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Opinions please. How much tread do you leave on your mud terrain tires before replacing? To the wear bars? 1/4"? More? I'm more interested in off-road use. My jeep's a DD, I will probably wear to a bit above the wear bars for street use, but don't know I want to go that low for trail use. I currently am running 32" BFG KM (and they are starting to cup with around 28K miles), will end up going to a 33" - either KM2 or Cooper STT. Maybe just looking for an excuse to get new meats now rather than later.
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It depends on the type of terrain. For sand you need more floatation and not so much deep tread so you can run them down to about 1/4. Wet conditions become the determining factor. However if your rolling in the mud or wet conditions once you get close to 1/2 tread depth you will notice a significant difference. Rocks also like taller tread for flexibility.

If you just want new kicks and you have around 1/2 tread you can sell your current KMs. I really like my KM2s but in MD in the winter the Cooper's might be a better choice.
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