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How soon is too soon to take the doors off?

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I never put my doors on and i have driven it several times since February, not sure what Fiat/Stellantis bus owners do
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For me getting into this time of the year it’s more about rain where we live. Too many gadgets exposed to get damaged. When I was younger I had a YJ would take the top and doors off, put on a bikini top, a set of vinyl half doors and was good to go, didn’t have all these fancy electronics to worry about. The bikini top and half doors kept the dash mostly dry 90% of the time April through October.
I cant even imagine having to deal with that. When my YJ still had the center console rain would fill my cup holders to the top and it was never a problem. And the dash had a gutter system to divert water away from the stereo and HVAC controls in the rain.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts