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How soon is too soon to take the doors off?

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Nearly 3 years with our JLU and the doors have never been off since it left the Toleado plant. Are we supposed to remove them? 馃
Officially, you are not allowed to wave until you have removed the door hinge nuts.
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For me getting into this time of the year it鈥檚 more about rain where we live. Too many gadgets exposed to get damaged. When I was younger I had a YJ would take the top and doors off, put on a bikini top, a set of vinyl half doors and was good to go, didn鈥檛 have all these fancy electronics to worry about. The bikini top and half doors kept the dash mostly dry 90% of the time April through October.
I think I wrecked my stock head unit due to weather exposure. Replaced it with a bottom of the line pioneer. This time of year I would just pull the doors off, but leave the top on for some protection. In May I will probably take the top completely off.

I pull the carpet and drain plugs when I pull the doors.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts