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I have the stock front driveshaft from spicer (torque tech traction inc or something) on an 06 tj and have noticed that there isnt any grease fitting for the ball in the cv joint like their is on my tatton rear am i supposed to keep that ball lubricated and clean without the zerk to grease it??
I guess your not... I just had both my drive shafts rebulit at a spicer dealer, and he tried like hell to get me to run all non greaseable ujoints. Maybe cause they cost more. he did have one good point, that you will have to drop your skid plate to properly service the front drive shaft. He also said that the new non graseable stuff have a tripple lip seal and are suppose to hold up very well.... but i still went with all greaseable..
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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