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We show you step by step how to install and wire lights or other accessories into your Jeep Wrangler JL or Gladiator JT Aux Switches. These are an add-on package from Jeep that come with the "Trailer Tow and HD Electrical Group" package, which includes a 240 amp alternator and Auxiliary Switches.

These four auxiliary switches located in the cab on lower switch bank of the instrument panel (below the radio/AC controls on the bottom right near the shifter) can be used to power various electrical devices. You can configure the functionality of the auxiliary switches via the Uconnect touch screen display in the settings menu. All switches can be configured for the switch type operation to be latching (stays on when you press it and let go) or momentary (only stays on while you're physically pressing and holding the button). They can also be configured for their power source to be either via the battery or ignition, and the ability to hold last state across key cycles.

The Jeep JL/JT Auxiliary Switches control relays powering four unterminated wires located in two places: 1) in the interior passenger outboard foot well area and 2) on the right side of the engine compartment near the battery. We used the wires under the hood for wiring lighting to the Jeep aux switches.

Our manual states that there are two 15 amp and two 40 amp circuits.
Aux Switch 1 (40 amp) - Tan and Red wire
Aux Switch 2 (40 amp) - Green and Red wire
Aux Switch 3 (15 amp) - Orange wire
Aux Switch 4 (15 amp) - Blue wire

**** The connectors we used are in the link below. However, we were told that Jeep also included heat shrink tubing and terminals for these, but we couldn't find them in our brand-new Jeep.

**** Male Quick-Connect
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