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As promised here is the Write up on a hub bearing removal and install with the picture goodness.

Step 1: I used my hi lift to jack up the wheel i had to take off. I put a Jack stand under neath and lowered the jack.

Step 2: Remove the tire, and use the tire as a seat.

Step 3: Remove the Cotter pin, cap and compression washer

Step 4: Remove the Caliper, there are 2 bolts holding it on.
heres a picture of the bolts. you can only see one in the picture.

I use a flat blade screw driver to pry the caliper off the Rotor.

I rest the caliper on top of the ball joint. It stays in place pretty good.

Step 5: Remove the hub nut. To remove the hub nut throw the T case into 4 high. since you have one front tire on the ground it will hold and not free spin while you try and remove the nut. I also spray the nut with PB blaster because it will be a bitch to get off.
Its a large socket, and i have a good breaker bar. I also throw the hilift handle to add to my break bar. It will pop and then be completely loose.
there is also a washer behind the nut to work off.

Step 6: Remove hub assembly bolts. there are 3 12 points bolts holding it on.
in the picture you can see 2 of the bolts. they are on pretty tight and i use my hi lift handle on these to help get them off.

Step 7: remove the hub assembly. you may need to wack the thing to break it loose. I use my soft hammer. 50/50 on the hub assembly coming off without the axle shaft. In my case tonight the hub assembly and axle shaft came out in one piece. I carefully pulled the whole thing out and removed the hub assembly form the Axle shaft. at this time it is wise to check the Ujoint on the axle shaft. I found out tonight i have some bind in my ujoint so i will be replacing it asap (not looking foward to it) but because i need the jeep running i put it all back together. now this is an option. when your removing the hiub assembly a brake dust shield is squished in there. I always remove and throw the brake dust shields in my scrap metal box. They just trap mini rocks and make craping noises when i wheel.

STEP 8: reinstall the axle shaft. just carefully slide it back in place. DO NOT force it. there are seals in there. Now with you Axle shaft out or loose it may leak fluid. its ok, as long as it doenst continue to leak when you have it all put back together.

Step 9: Install new Hub Assembly, line it up on the axle shaft splines and slide it on. line up the 3 holes and hand feed them back into place. they go to 75ft lbs.

Step 10: install hub washer and hub nut. Hand thread the nut back on and torque it down to 175ft lbs.

Step 11: Install the rotor then the caliper then the compression washer and cap. slap the cotor pin back in and thats it.

Step 12: reinstall the tires torque everything down and take it for a test drive. :wavey: its late im tired so if you see something wrong please post up.

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Hey Rawkon, I'm planning on doing this job this weekend and your instructions seem to be the easiest to follow! but I can't see your pictures! but another question what tools did you end up needing? and how long did this process take you?
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