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Wanted a lockable storage box for some basic tools but didn't want to loose too much space and wanted to be able to remove it without major hassle. I also didn’t want to spend major $’s on a Tuffy box so I made a “Huffy” instead.

Got this diamond plate toolbox from Northern Tool - 20in. x 10in. x 9in (LxDxH) - ($60)

Got two 5/16, 6” clothe line hooks, a Stanley padlock latch, and black texture spray paint from Home Depot - $10

This is how it came out.

Hooked it to the tie-downs behind the seat with the clothe line hooks. Closed the loop on the hooks a little and grinded them down with a Dremel just a hair so they would fit under the tie-downs in order to put them through the side of the box.

Used some big washers and wing nuts inside the box to secure it to the hooks that come through the side. If I need the space to lay something flat or big back there I can take the box off in just a couple of minutes.

Now I have to put some real tools in there besides my snow brush and ice scraper :D

Not bullet proof but at least something to keep things out of plain view and hopefully make the dirt bags move on to an easier target.
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