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Alright I am close to trigger time. Current setup is a stock D30/D44 combo on a 2013 2 dr J/K with the happy mpg friendly 3.21's running 315 duratracs and an automatic trans. It was a Sport in its original clothes. It has a 2.5" Teraflex coil lift and Rancho 9000XL's, monster trac bar.

Many options swimming in my head but I am curious about just buying a new front axle from Quadratech or Northridge. Maybe even a rear one too.

I need to have lockers and I like the Auburn Ected but haven't heard much about them. Going to go with 4.88's, chromoly axles.

I live in Wisconsin, majority of wheeling is mud, sand and limited but present rocks. Nothing like out west. Sure I would like to make trips out west and maybe someday so what to do.

If I replace the axles and I get the G2 what is the difference with the "lifted caster" axle and the "Stock Caster" axle? I know that in the next few years I want a Metalcloak 3.5" lift. I don't have that yet and if I get a lifted caster axle at only a 2.5" lift will I have problems?

My other thought is to replace the rear axle also at the same time. Reason is no down time for a regear on a non rubi D44 which would cost around 2K to 2500 as opposed to 3500 for a 35 spline G2 rear locked, geared, new and heavier duty.

So talk me out of 2 G2 axles with 4.88's, Auburn Ected, stock caster for a total of about 7800 or tell me your suggestions.

Thanks for reading this far.
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