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Folk s

I swapped an 3.0 crd engine from an WK to my JK and currentlly experience some issue with the steering system.

The pump si the original WK engine, the box is genuine JK previously ported and adapted for a ram assist.

During the install I had to modify the high pressure pump outlet as it was to close to the JK chassis, but the part was made in same specs like the original one except tne interior which originnaly have 2 fabricated grades

Starting the monster, i got pressure on the hydraulik bottle , when idlling the fluid looks like is boiling and as the rpm.increase it comes with even higher pressure.

The steering works let s say 70% but the pump become very noisy as the rpm increase.

I thought that this pump can deal with the JK box, ram assist and extended steering system but either it s not suitable either I messed up something with the fabricated outlet or i have to simplly look for another pump.

The WK pump is marked TOYODA H59 , i found an statement that it s making 106 bar but this is all i have found on it.

However, it s bigger than the JK pump but have a smaller pulley.

I was wondering if the curent setup would not require a higher pressure and i have found that the Mercedes engine variant pump is rated at 128 bar, but have a bigger pulley

Any input highlly appreciated.


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