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i was recently found a Jeep on craigslist for a really good deal.

2000 TJ
Full Doors
4.0/5 speed 129,000
new BFG's 30 A/T
Thule roof rack
new battery
One owner

Interior is spotless / exterior almost no rust! Rear frame is shot by the control arms is broke. Needs a patch kit that I found on eBay for $150 and a local guy for will weld it for $350 . After getting it home the next day the engine started throwing codes when I started it up.


I thought it might have been the clock spring since so I pulled the fuses for the airbag behind the glovebox but to the codes are still there after clearing them with my scanner. With it throwing all three codes at once I am wrong to think it's a short somewhere and not the TPS and O2 sensor both crapping out at the same time?

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I think you stole that one. I want the hardtop and full doors.

Did you start it before you got it home or did you get codes the first time you started it?

Usually you can ignore the O2 code until you get other stuff sorted out. Almost any other problem can trigger the o2 code. Since it's new to you look for stuff unplugged or cut or whatever.

I want an AC in my Jeep. Hot and muggy here today. Hot and muggy for the foreseeable future.

All this rusty frame talk. I'm going to buy a frame when I see a deal on one. If you could buy a frame instead of welding what would it be worth? What would be a price you couldn't pass up?
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