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I need a link, or some advice please!!!!!!!!!!!

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I got a small block to put in my 95' do I need to or should I replace my tranny w/ a chevy or get a conversion bell housing for my stock five speed?plus do I need different transfer case? control module? where can I find this krap? I NEED INPUT!!!!!!! got a fist full o' dollars and nowhere 2 spend in the mean time I'll rebuild this V-8.Please respond,thanx.
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if uve got money, id throw i a gm slushbox behind ur new motor. the ax5 will no way in hell hold up and the ax-15 wont for long if u wheel it hard
well if you end up getting an adapter plate to use the stock tranny you wont need a new t-case... but with the power of a V8 you will en up breaking one or the other start parts later.
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