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I need "jeep upgrade for dummies"

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Ok so don't laugh...too me, my mechanic abilities are not that strong...hell my father barely knew which end of the screw driver was the sharp end...yup theres where my boy hood education came from. I have taken upon myself to attemp many basic repairs and with some help from others I have the "can do oil stain badge of honor". Now with that boring the hell out of you I had an soa and put 33's installed on my '93 4.0. As expected with the added weight/drag I have lost considerable power. The folks that did the work also installed a trac bar to help with the axel wrap. Now onto the meat of this bio...with $$ being an issue I was planning to do some up grades to increase power. just need some advice on parts and in which order is best....I know if a new engine is used I will need a different rear end,t-case, trans,...suggestions.
useful info;
5 speed
mostly a daily driver
not too afraid to do as much as possible
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If you have 4.56 gears installed you will gain all the power you lost when you went to 33inch tires. about the cheepist place to get the parts is they have free shipping so you save 50-60 dollars there. while you have it apart you might as well add a front locker. this will single handedly increse your offroad ablilty 100% I went with the Aussie locker and have been very happy with it. you can get it at

the parts for the gear change should run about 500 because you are also going to have to change the carriers because a stock 6cyl Yj came with 3.07 gears and smaller carriers. the install should be no more than 500. and the locker runs 240.00
So for 1240.00 ball park you will be like driving a completely diffrent jeep.
Angler is right on the money, you problem isn't lack of power. Gearing will get you back to where you started. If you still want some power upgrades, more power to you. A throttle body spacer and air intake are good places to start. Then maybe a header and high flow exhaust system. These performance mods aren't going to do much until you correct your gearing issues first.
I do want to get it back to something close to what it the gearing is the way to go...I am assuming that I do not need to swap the rear-end to compensate for the gear change
nah you don't have to swap the rear end with a gear change although it would be the perfect time to upgrade the rear end if you thought about doing it in the future. and you might be able to find a stronger rear end with the gears you already want
I had a friend who put (I believe) 3. something gears in his lifted, no engine mods, 93 wrangler, and was eating up hondas. Might not be what your looking for, but I thought it was a testament to the raw power of a wrangler.
with lower gears you should be able to get some real good low end power.
ok..good info thanks. I have been looking at gear options....I see that you guys are suggesting 4.56 what would be the advantage/disadvantage to going to a 4.88?
higher rpm for highway and probably a little less gas mileage. most people love 4.88's for 35's and when they go 4.56 with 35's they wish they had gotten 4.88's but if your just runnin 33's then 4.56's should be perfect.
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