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I need your advice on Tire size

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I have 30 x 9.5 x 15 size tires on my Sahara. I would like some advice on what size I could increase the tires to without causing a headache and trouble?

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I use this "tire size calculator".. it tells you speed differences and stuff..

anyways.. as for wranglers go.. you first need to think how far you want to go.. what will you use it for.. how much do you want to spend.. give us some more info on your rig.. also while you're at it.. check the ratio on yoru differential.. it should say it on there.. its a metal tag that is bolted on the differential it self..

Many people here are running 33s and stable.. few are running 35s but with 35s axle upgrade and regearing is highly recomended

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perosnally for mostly daily driving and low costs and no head aches i resommend a 2 in BB 1 in BL, and 1in mml
then 32X11.5 tires
and 15X8 rims

a lot better clearance no driveline vibe issues
low prices but way better over stock
looks really good
dont need to regear
still gets ok gas mileage
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