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I sold my 91 in 2004....starting to build my 94!

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You have to love it when your 4 year old son finds pics of your old jeep and says "dad!, we need to get another one of those!" Of course, I couldn't let my son down. I still miss it my 91. I will upload a pic tomorrow. It won't let me do it from my iPhone. My new build will start with some frame repair. When I started pulling it apart, I found some previous repairs. They were not done well. Tub will come off the frame for surface rust removal and any other repairs. The local "u pull it" has about 20 explorers. They only want $100 for a complete 8.8. I need to go back and try to find one with 4.10s. I am gonna get a stock Dana 30 with 4.10s. I found a guy that has 4 and only wants $150 complete. Plus, I will just scrap mine but keep the shafts and wheel bearings. It will be a spring over...just like my 91. The big difference is my 94 has a 4.0 while my 91 had a 2.5. I plan on keeping the ax15...but, I swapped an np435 into my 91 and loved it. I already ordered the prothane 1" body mounts and all new hard brake lines. I will post progress pics as I go. We took the hardtop off today for some fun in the sun!
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