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Okay I hope everyone of my Jeeper brethern and sisters had a great one today!

I have narrowed down my list of what I want for my suspension next. $500 price range of course. My real question is, what kind of flex could I accept compared to my stock suspension with some JKS Disco's? What I'm really looking at is a Currie Anti-Rock. How would the flex be with one of those?

Or... I can go with a Rough Country or similar 2.5" kit maybe even OME. What would the flex difference be in a whole 2.5" lift, or a good sway bar disco, or anti-rock? If i get the lift it will be just the lift and thats it. Or i can go with the disco or anti-rock and get some more Armor :)

I'm really just looking for honest opinions on how much flex i can gain from stock with either ways..

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