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My YJs idle is not correct.
When I start it, the idle jumps up to around 1800 to 2000 RPM or higher in closed loop mode for around 15 to 30 to 40 secs.
It finally settles and drops in around 800 RPM most of the time. Sometimes it settles in around 1100. Sometimes when coming up to a stop light it drops to around 500.

Overall the jeep runs great. Starts easy, has good acceleration, and is overall good running. (Noisy lifter)

Check engine light was on a couple of months ago. (Hesitating bucking at highway speed etc.)
Scan read TPS input to high and the oxygen sensor shorted to something and an air conditioning error. I replaced the TPS and the Oxygen sensor a couple of months ago and it improved my low/rough idle and the hesitation. It ran great, except the initial high idle in closed loop mode. No check engine light and I cleared the memory.

The idle started acting up recently, and the check engine light came back on.
High initial idle in closed loop mode 2000 to 2300 sometimes.
I rescan yesterday and the same TPS and oxygen sensor...My local auto parts warrantied both and I installed..Jeep runs better.

Still have high intial idle in closed loop mode and the idle settles in around 800 sometimes 1100, and pulling up to stop lights around 500 to 600 sometimes.

I have no check engine light.

I removed my Idle air control motor and removed all carbon.

No help.

I am thinking I need a idle air control motor, not sure. My local auto parts stores do not carry the idle air control motor any longer.

Anyone have a similar experience?

Where is the best place to buy a idle air control motor?

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