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Idle air controller installation problems

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99 TJ 2.5L

I installed a new idle air controller because I would randomly get high rpms at a stop light. well, instead of happening randomly, now it happens every time. Heres how I did it:

1)disconnect black from battery
2)disconnect red form battery
3)replace IAC
4)touch red to body for 30 seconds
5)reconnect red
6) reconnect black

did i install this incorrectly? does it have to be facing a certain direction? understanding how it works, it doesnt seem the direction would make a difference. after i started it up, it idled hi. the IAC check engine code was not there upon engine start but immediately came back. Im confused...
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Probably leaking from not getting it seated properly or the o-ring was damaged or is missing. You didn't have to disconnect the battery at all to install a new IAC.

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i actually just solved this problem myself in the past 15 minutes since i wrote this. i started it up and it immediately jumped in rpms, about 2k. then i suddenly remembered back to my motorcycle fixin days, one time i had a high idle problem i solved because the throttle cables were stuck. so i kept the engine running and played with the throttle body....and wouldnt ya know it, it was stuck.

i wd-40d the throttle body are and the idle immediately dropped to a steady 800ish. guess it wasnt the IAC after all. good thing it was only 15 on ebay, and now i have a new IAC

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...good thing it was only 15 on ebay, and now i have a new IAC
If it were me, I'd reinstall the factory unit and return the other. Unless you got a Mopar unit for $15 that money will be better spent elsewhere and it'll save you from having to deal with it when it fails while you're out and about.
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