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I found some decent back roads. not sure it's worth a whole drive up here, but if you're up in the area with your jeep...

It's the old kennebunk road. If you look at a map, off of the route 95 exit in Kennebunk, head north-west down into west kennebunk on the Alfred Road. You go straight at the blinking red light (this crosses thompson road), past the Kennebunk Animal Shelter. Keep going straight and you'll see on the map where the road splits off in like a three pronged Y (old falls road goes off to the left, cole road goes off to the right). Keep going straight on what's called middle road on google maps, and the road finally crosses the old north berwick road. Go straight across this "main" road and it turns into a dirt road. There's an excavation company down this road a ways with an active quarry. Just past the quary area the road heads up into the woods and gets pretty rocky. This road itself isn't terribly amazing jeeping, but there's a bunch of little side trails that head off into the woods down a ways. Some are wired off, some aren't... I found it by accident coming from another direction, but figured out once I got home where exactly the road is.

here's directions from the turnpike: look at this map and it's pretty self explanatory,0.080338&ie=UTF8&z=14&om=1
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