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When I purchased my '04 Wrangler last year, the seats/upholstery were very tired looking, so I got this full set of Iggee seat covers to spruce up the interior a bit. I recently had all of my seats reupholstered, so I no longer need these seat covers. This is a full set of covers for the front seats and the rear tumble seat. Colors are Black/Beige. These covers go for $350 on the Iggee web site. Save yourself some bucks, and freshen up the interior of your Wrangler. $150 cash takes the whole set.

I don't really want to hassle with shipping these, so I'd like to arrange for someone who can pick them up locally in Redwood City, CA. Cash only.

NOTE: I'm missing a few of the metal clips that connect the straps that hold these solution when I lost them along the way was to just use small paperclips. They work great! :)
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