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I am posting to see if anyone with a different service manual can do a quick sanity check for me.

I have an 88 YJ with 4.2l, MC carb, AX-15 5 speed. I am troubleshooting a starting problem and when testing the ignition coil I am getting the following readings:
Primary 1.9 ohms
Secondary 8.24 K ohms

My Haynes manual calls for:
Primary 1.13-1.23 ohms
Secondary 77 to 93 K ohms

I went to get a replacement and the new one at the store had almost identical readings to my current one (1.8 ohms and ~8.0 K ohms).:confused:

Can anyone let me know if my Haynes manual is incorrect?

Or if the specs are correct, can anyone help me with ideas as to where I can get the correct coil, (e.g. a cross-reference part number)?

Any help will be appreciated.
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