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ignition problems in the cold

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When key is turned to start position nothing happens when its in cold temperature.
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I get same thing when temps hit 40's here in Clearwater. Took 7 turns to finally get her going. Normally I can hear the fuel pump going when I turn ign to ACC but not in the cold.
When you write "cold", whattemps are you referring to? I read -30 F... Well nature even -10F this time of year. Check your ground and your battery terminals.
Search ecu surgery. I had the same issues. It's a bad capacitor in the ecu. The search here will lead you to a thread on the jeepforum. I changed my caps on mine and now it fires right up no matter how cold it is. Mine was getting really annoying. Don't expect a reman or other ecu will fix it either. They all do it. For the ease and cost to fix it you'll be glad you did.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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